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Review by Lauren Hyatt

“We Are Showbiz” By: Lauren Hyatt As I walked into the lobby of the Theatre of the Republic, ticket in hand, I grew excited. This was my first time going to a show here. I’ve lived in Myrtle Beach my whole life and have always wanted to go, but just never did. It was the same type of excitement when I saw Phantom of the Opera. I began to look around and I noticed that there were many different people here; men and women of all ages, a few younger children, younger adults. To see this variety of people in […]

Rebecca Jolly – very poignant watercolors

Rebecca is graduating from CCU this spring and recently displayed in the Senior Show 1 and at the monthly Waccamaw Arts & Crafts Guild meeting at the MB Art Museum where this film was shotl

Chris Wright to perform with LBS Youth Orchestra

Chris performing the end of Mendelssohn’s Capriccio Brillant that he will play Wednesday with the Orchestra at 7:30 in Wheelwright Auditorium.  Chris was one of the winners in the Orchestra’s annual piano concerto competition.

History, Educational Programs & Guild

About The Long Bay Symphony Founded in 1987, the Long Bay Symphony performs about 15 concerts each year in addition to fundraising events for other organizations. It is the largest performing arts organization in the Grand Strand area and the largest professional orchestra in the region. Musicians come from other professional orchestras, and local communities as well as Columbia, Charleston, Fayetteville, Wilmington, and beyond. The mission of the Long Bay Symphony is to enhance the cultural and artistic environment of the Long Bay region by providing the highest quality musical performances and programs which entertain and educate patrons of all […]

Purposes & History

Purposes At its founding, Archer Huntington wrote: “Brookgreen Gardens is a quiet joining of hand between science and art. The original plan involved a tract of land from the Waccamaw River to the sea in Georgetown County, South Carolina, for the preservation of the flora and fauna of the Southeast. At first the garden was intended to contain the sculpture of Anna Hyatt Huntington. This gradually found extension in an outline collection representative of the history of American sculpture, from the nineteenth century, which finds its natural setting out of doors. It is not an experiment station, nor a research […]

Interview with Azure Allen, Award Winning Indie film maker from Conway

VIEW INTERVIEW    Azure is a 15 year old home schooled filmmaker and animator that is making a splash nationally, winning awards in CA, TX, NY and SC film festivals in just the last year.  You have to see her hit “One Day on Carver Street” about the birth of Shag here in Myrtle Beach. See Azure’s films at